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Elaine Afrika, 21, New Jersey. Instagram - @elaimeAfrika,
Photographer - Africanist, IG -@africanist
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Elaine Afrika, 21, New Jersey. Instagram - @elaimeAfrika,

Photographer - Africanist, IG -@africanist

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Monday late afternoon, the air is thick with heat and pollen. June is an anagram for endlessness. We have turned to each other, for comfort and everything that reminds us of being human. Let’s bury our past and grow a garden, you say. I don’t reply, you know my answer anyway. If only it would be so easy, if only we could blow these pains like dandelion. You grab my hand with urgency, perhaps like a small child would. And we sit in silence for a while, sigh and sow words deep into the night.
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I wish every day felt like this, 09/18/14


Know your own value.
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Know your own value.

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I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter.
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I am a tiny person
with only two hands.
I am trying to love the world
around decades of war
and skittish heartbeats.
I am afraid.
It hasn’t been easy,
but I am trying.
I haven’t stopped loving, yet.
Tiny Heartbeats, by Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)

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My point is, there are a lot of people in the world. No one ever sees everything the same way you do; it just doesn’t happen. So when you find one person who gets a couple of things, especially if they’re important ones, you might as well hold on to them. You know?
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